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By hiring us to work for you, you automatically acknowledge the following terms, conditions and information.



Before we can give an estimate, or start designing beautiful things for you, we prefer to meet you in person for a briefing session.

During this briefing we will try to get all the information we need to create designs that will fit perfectly with your business or personality.

We will ask you the right questions and analyse your business, so we can create the best possible designs for you.



For each project, you will receive an estimate in writing, outlining the project specifications and estimated costs.

We will begin work after a down payment and a written approval by you, and this will automatically constitute an agreement between parties.

We aim to calculate every estimate as accurately and clearly as possible to ensure you know exactly what you are paying for.

Estimates are valid for 30 days from the date on the estimate



We have published our prices on the website because we want to be clear and open about everything we do.

The prices are based on the time we will be spending, and the tools we need, to create the designs.

We charge € 30,= per hour and all the prices on our website do not include VAT ( IVA )



You will be required to pay 50% of the estimated project costs before our work can begin (unless otherwise agreed).

By employing our services you agree to pay us in accordance with the terms specified in each estimate.

All remaining balances will be payable after your final approval of the artwork, and before the delivery of the designs.


Revisions & alterations

Normally a project involves a maximum of 2 revisions or alterations of the chosen design.

If you want the design changed to an extent that it alters the specifications in the original estimate, we will give you a new estimate.

Changes requested after layouts or proofs have been completed, will be charged at a standard hourly rate.



Colours may vary due to lighting conditions and the material or device on which the colours are viewed.

Printed colours will never look the same as colours generated on a computer monitor.

Colours may vary significantly on different types of monitors or devices.

We will do our very best to make sure colours are reproduced according to your specifications or expectations.


Printing & printing supervision

Printing costs and printing supervision are not included in the prices and package deals published on our website.

The files you will receive from us are ‘print-ready’ and will enable you to arrange the printing yourself.

We prefer to arrange the printing for you, but we will then charge a little extra for printing supervision on top of the printing costs.


Delivery schedules & deadlines

Together with you, we will determine a reasonable delivery schedule for the designs and projects.

If, for any reason, we cannot meet the delivery schedule or deadline, we will inform you in time so final delivery dates may be adjusted accordingly.

Although we will do our very best to ensure timely delivery of all products, we will not be held responsible for failure of external suppliers.


Completed & outstanding projects

A design project is considered complete, when you have approved, paid and received the final artwork.

Projects that are cancelled, or ‘put on hold’ for more than 30 days, without any progression or further instructions from you, will be invoiced.

The invoiced amount will be for the work completed by us until that moment.


Rights of ownership

Once a project has been delivered and is fully paid for, we will assign the reproduction and publication rights of the designs over to you.

That means you will receive all the necessary digital files needed for printing or publication.

Master artwork and original files and mock-ups will remain our property unless otherwise negotiated.

The rights to artwork, purchased from an external source on your behalf, will remain with the individual designer, artist, photographer or illustrator.

We may use the designs, created for you, for promotional and marketing needs, as samples for our portfolio.


Style guide

If you hire us to create a corporate identity or a brand, it is a good idea to let us compile a style guide for you.

This is a document in which we specify the colours, typography, logos, images, patterns, icons and materials we used to create the designs.

This will help you to keep your corporate identity or brand consistent and uniform in all publications.